Vision: To create a city with the participation of all disadvantaged groups in the society without discriminating ethnic origin, language, dialect, religion, religious sect, age, education, sexual orientation and sex in all the decision-making processes by asserting their economic, social, and political freedom.


Mission: To build cooperation with international organizations, government, NGOs, local governments, business world, academia, and relevant individuals to create an agreeable, constructive and productive society without any discrimination of economic situation, cultural structure and political views.

To conduct activities of training, awareness-building, advocacy, campaigning, lobbying, raising public awareness, network building, publishing, monitoring, research and reporting to eliminate problems of disparity, inequality in access to resources or discrimination experienced by women, youth, and the disabled who are disadvantaged, as well as disabled women, young women and disabled youth who are double-disadvantaged in the community in their work, education and social life.

Our principles:Respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, gender equality, nonviolence, transparency and accountability, participation, advocacy, policy development, sustainability, volunteering.

Address : Düz Mahalle Becelgen Sokak No: 3/1 Merkez, Ordu
Phone : 0452 233 00 18
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orkaguderstk?fref=ts

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