We founded Selis Women’s Counseling Center in Diyarbakır in order to empower women in social, cultural, economic and psychological ways, to support the solidarity and unity of women, to help women to raise their voices in a democratic society by awareness-building, and to make women agents of democratic societal change with a feminine line.

Selis Women’s Counseling Center provides social, legal, health, educational and psychological support to women older than 15 years of age. Selis Women’s Counseling Center was founded in Diyarbakır on April 3, 2002. As a women’s center, the focal point of all our activities is to make women go beyond the usual behavior patterns and sexist approaches, assert their will, create solutions for the problems in their own lives, question their social status with education and awareness, and initiators of change. In Selis Women’s Counseling Center women contribute on the basis of voluntary work. Activities are carried out with the contributions of women from various walks of life and occupational groups.

• Providing counseling to women subjected to domestic violence, sexual abuse or under the threat of honor killings
• Improving the standards of women economic, social, cultural and educational issues and raising awareness for women’s rights.
• Regularly organizing training seminars about women’s legal rights, women’s health, and baby-care. The administration model includes conducting activities by independent and coordinated commissions that take part in decision making processes and quarterly coordination. Activities are conducted at the level of working groups. Decisions of working groups for all the women that work in the Consultancy Center and relevant centers are taken in our center.

Address : Kurt İsmail Paşa 7. Sokak Orkide Apt. Kat:1 No:3, Ofis – Diyarbakır
Phone: 0412 224 77 28
Fax : 0412 224 68 99

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