Members of SOGEP comprises of academics, activists and researchers. Although the center is newly founded, members have significant knowledge and expertise in social policies and gender equality. They took part in various projects in the field of gender issues and social development.


To conduct the activities in an effective manner for the solutions of the problems of women, activities conducted in this field, policy proposals, best practices and lessons learned from failures have to brought together, they have to be analyzed and disseminated to the agents in the field. For this end, there is a need for an organization that is in relation with all the agents, and analyzes the whole field by keeping a distance.

SOGEP is established in accordance with the need described above. SOGEP’s mission is to collect information about the field of women’s studies and provide it for the use of agents in the field. The center, basically, aims to advance social development and gender equality policies in line with the demands of NGOs and the public opinion. At the same time, it aspires to provide tools of lobbying and policy-making to the NGOs in their advocacy or activity areas.

Principles:SOGEP acts in line with the following principles while realizing its activities: • Anti-militarist • Non-homophobic • Respectful to diversity • Solidarist • Anti-hierarchical • Sensitive to human rights • Environmentally-conscious

Address : Kamer Hatun Mahallesi, Hamalbaşı Sok. No:22-9, 34435, Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Türkiye
Phone: 0532 471 87 46- 0532 471 95 13

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