We have founded ‘Entrepreneur Women’s Initiative’as the first group to finish 10 weeks of training in 2003 within the project of ‘Supporting Women Entrepreneurs’ organized by EU-TESK (Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen) partnership. In 2004, we decided to switch our partnership which started as an initiative to ‘Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Association’ in the center of Denizli.

Since 2004, we have been trying to participate in and support several local, national and international women based associations. Within the association, in handicraft group, in factories, in neighborhoods we have organized various trainings (diction-drama, practical computing, women’s rights, gender roles, healthy living, practical English, work life-market information, project preparation, basic photography) with members and keep on organizing.

As an association, we open ‘Exhibition of Women in the Stage of Life’ (handicrafts, toys and photographs); from time to time we also participate in various fairs, exhibitions ans competitions. We have organized ‘GİKAD Personal Development Competition’ to make women more creative and promote their self confidence.

Address: İstasyon Caddesi, Köseoğlu İşhanı Kat: 5 Denizli
Phone : 0 258 242 10 28

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