The fact that there were no organized structure for housewives drew our
attention and we have founded our association in 1994 to make problems
of housewives visible.

After foundation, we found ourselves in a ball of problems. What were these? Educational and health problems, familial problems, violence, children’s problems, relatives problems, economic and legal problems…

Of course, it was not possible to tackle with all of them by ourselves, so we realized that first we needed to get trained by getting in contact with other institutions. We have started to learn what women’s perspective is and how it should be, so that we could tell it to other women. We started working and proceeded a lot in a short time. We have joined several women2s groups in our country and have learned a lot from them.

We are trying to create awareness and tell what gender equality is through meetings. We are trying to mention what legislation brings and takes away from women. We are still talking about how to tackle with violence. We keep on struggling to have more women in decision making mechanisms. We keep on working to have women in politics, to improve women2s working conditions and to increase women’s labor force participation. We cannot say that we are always successful but, we are at least struggling in our region.

Address: Toros Mah.78197 SK. Akdeniz Apt. Bahçe Katı ÇUKUROVA/ADANA
Phone : 0 322 262 05 62

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