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It is a civil initiative that aims to support home-based women workers. Since October
1999, it has been supporting women working in this field to make home-based women
workers visible, organization, making relevant public policies and gaining rights. The
group does not have any legal entity.

Working Group;

To make home based worker visible from her own and others’ point of view;

• Organizes local workshops (meetings) and in depth introductory meetings.
• To make the work and/or the income sustainable and to increase it, to support local organizations such as cooperatives, work team establishment, group formation, material group establishment, organizes country conferences, public policy workshops and public follow up meetings to support state policies for inadequate legal rights,
• Prepares publications, participates in meetings and platforms, makes presentations to make home based work and home based women workers,
• Makes mapping for home based women workers to find workers like themselves and to be organized, supports women and researchers for this, works with women’s organizations,
• Supports communication between home based workers nationally and internationally. It is a member of HomeWorkers Worldwide and The Balkans Home Based Workers Network

E-mail: eeckcg@gmail.com
Fax: 0312 217 01 60
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eveksenli.calisankadin?fref=ts

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