Van Women’s Association was founded by seven women as an independent
and feminist organization in April 2004.


Our goals:

* Conducting activities in economic, social, individual, societal, cultural, legal, and political issues, and contributing to the empowerment of women in these fields.

* Creating the groundwork for solidarity.

* Conducting activities to improve the women’s quality of life women in all aspects.

* Supporting women’s participation in the city administration, taking advantage of cities facilities and opportunities, development of urban culture and urban consciousness and developing projects for the socialization of women.

* Advancing the consciousness about women, society, family and individuals, building awareness in women for human rights and women’s human rights* Combating against violence against women.


We are a part of “United Nations Joint Program” that is being conducted within the triangle of UNFPA-local governments-NGOs for preventing violence against women and girls, the partnership of UNDP-local governments-NGOs for people who are displaced within the country, and “Conservation Board Established with Supervised Release” founded for providing psycho-social support to people who suffered from crime and released from prison under the leadership of Van Prosecutor’s Office in collaboration with all public institutions, some NGOs and trade associations. Within this scope, we write project proposals for women’s employment, and work on common ideas and practices with public institutions and organizations upon the demands for improving the situation of women in prison or women who suffered from violence.

Address : Vali Mithatbey Mahallesi Hastane Bulvarı Mehmet Baran İş Merkezi Kat : 4 No: 15
Phone: 0 432 214 45 87
Fax : 0 432 214 90 15

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