Women’s Labor and Employment in Turkey:
Problem Areas and Policy Suggestions*

Editorial              : KEIG Platform
Second Edition : June 2009

KEIG PolitikaRaporu ingilizce 2009


The economic crisis that started in 2008 in developed countries has since turned into a global depression by influencing developing countries too. The effects of the economic crisis show themselves as a big breakdown in production and a noticeable increase in unemployment. We are in a period in which there are not enough satisfactory clues regarding the improvement of the economy, and the duration and scope of the economic crisis.

While it is expected that the economic crisis will create millions of unemployed people and intensify poverty, women will be one of the most affected groups from the situation. We think that a specific approach for women is needed, not only because of the economic crisis, but also because of the sexist structure of economics. The existence and growing intensity of gender inequalities and maledominated structures are two main preconditions of making profit in this economic system. Women are subject to oppression and inequality, both at the workplace and in the family. Consequently, KEIG has prepared this report to question women’s place in economic life, to determine the problems and to recommend solutions, at this very time of economic crisis. This report will focus on women’s situation in the labor market, the social security issue, critiques regarding proposed solutions for women’s employment up until today and recommendations.

This report was prepared together with 27 civil society organizations, which compose the KEIG Platform and are working on women’s labor and employment. The Women’s Labor and Employment Initiative Platform (KEIG) aims to design policies in its mandate and to advocate them at the local and national levels together with its member organizations. We would like to thank all women who contributed to this report.

KEIG Platform

* No part of this report may be used without citing the source.

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