KEFA was founded by feminist academics studying women’s labor on
February 23, 2007 in İstanbul.


KEFA’s objectives:

*Establishing a platform for information sharing among researchers with a gender perspective for issues related to labor and employment in Turkey and researchers who define themselves as feminists, discussion of the issues with priority, suggestion of research areas and conducting research in collaboration.

* Building a database containing the publications of the research projects to be updated at regular intervals.

* Development of policies and implementations, their evaluation, monitoring and creating solidarity networks for researchers and activists in this field.

* For the last objective, KEFA, as a member of KEİG Platform, supports the activities of the platform.
Membership Requirements:Those who would like to become a member of KEFA have to have at least one published article/book or an MA/PhD thesis written on labor and employment with a feminist perspective.

* To become a member, researchers can directly apply to the KEFA moderator or they can be nominated as a candidate by KEFA members.

* The yearly KEFA meetings are considered to be KEFA General Assembly and the decisions taken in these meetings are binding for the KEFA members.

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