(Turkish) İş cinayeti davasında işçiyi suçladılar

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Şunlar İlginizi Çekebilir...

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  1. Mateen says:

    But the drumbeat from the science side of: “you folks are just dumb” wears thin and hurts more than it helps.My informal observation over the last couple years is that the pro-science side has once mobilized in fact been extremely effective in convincing people that crentioaists are, in fact, just dumb.

  2. Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of people.

  3. hola, yo he cogido varias veces casa cn top rural y la verdad que ha ido todo genial, tal cual se describía la casa, tal cual la hemos encontrado “sin sorpresas”….lo aconsejo

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  5. How frustrating for you. There must be a legal way to get them to freeze the interest? Have you tried the CAB as well as CCCS? I think the CAB will help out if things like this go to court – might be worth investigating if you haven’t already.

  6. http://www./ says:

    buongiorno!pultroppo ho saputo che una persona è riuscita a forsare la password della mia mail,ho cambiato la password e da allora continuo a ricevere mail dove mi viene detto che cercano di forzare la password,come posso fare per tutelarmi?vorrei che questa persona venisse fermata visto che per diversi mesi si è collegata sia sulle mie mail sia sul mio profilo facebook facendosi pienamente i fatti miei!grazie

  7. Håller med dig, Shutter Island är sjukt bra. Vad gäller Di Caprio trodde jag inte på honom i Revolutionary Road heller, men det blev ju riktigt bra. Kanske att det funkar här också (hoppas). /Therese

  8. http://www./ says:

    The weakness of this video was at the 56 second point. ‘All you have to do now is call someone’…. problem is they don’t actually show you how to do it – and that is the whole point of the video!

  9. Hi Field and all. I've been a FN reader for about a year now; switching back and forth between several interesting Af-AM blogs.I wanted to comment on this thread but after reading all the unnecessary and negative back and forth between the same ole personalities – perhaps I'll save my topic intro response for another day.Thanks for your conscientious and often humorous blog postings, FN.I look forward to reading them all in the new year. Enjoy your holiday vacation!

  10. Props to Craig for having the balls to even attempt to spit to this track (after what giggs done with it) let alone do a good job.. Craig has always been good on the mcing/spitting front and i’m surprised at peeps who are up in arms about him doing so.. Rmbr he has done this from when he 1st came on the scene, i just wish he would do more of it along with the singing. Sounds good!Props!

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