Independent Women’s Association was founded by a group of activist women in 1996
as a product of 2 years of assessment meetings process. The association has been
working on struggling violence against women since then.

It has been in solidarity with women subjected to violence Women’s Consulting/Solidarity Center
within itself for years with legal and psychological support. Our association is also working on
various legal regulations to be done about violence against women and increasing awareness about gained rights during the process, deepening understanding of violence from women’s side, improving perception, establishing corporate mechanisms in this field.

Independent Women’s Association is an independent women’s institution aiming to struggle against any kind of violence against women, especially domestic violence, targeting women’s secondary position in all spheres of life, through women’s solidarity. The association contributes to social transformation towards changing the understanding that reinforces and excuses violence against women by creating awareness about women’s human rights through its media and public oriented work.

The association creates resources through donations from various institutions and individuals and contribution of members, run by support of volunteers. It runs informing public, lobbying and advocacy activities about violence against women and transforming unequal conditions in favor of women.

Address: Mesudiye Mh. Cemal Paşa (Fabrikalar) Cd. No: 110/3 Mersin
Phone : 0324 337 20 21
Fax: 0324 336 50 92

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